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Are Sunken Trampolines Safer for Your Kids?

The Pros and Cons of In Ground Trampolines

When searching for a new trampoline, you may have seen many models now come with the option to install them in-ground. But are sunken trampolines safer, and are they the right choice for you and your family? Here are some pros and cons when it comes to sunken trampolines.

Pros -

Easy Access
One of the main great benefits of sunken trampolines is that they are really easy for children of all ages to access (and grown ups too!). Without the need to climb up and through the usual self-closing safety netting, sunken trampolines mean there is less risk of a child falling whilst trying to get onto the trampoline in the first place.

Although in-ground and above ground trampolines come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, they can sometimes dominate the area of the garden where they are installed.
This is because trampolines that are not sunken into the ground need to be raised up high enough to allow room for the trampoline springs to move whilst bouncing, so even some small trampolines can seem much larger than they really are.
With sunken trampolines, there are far more options to customise their look, making it much easier to blend them into the rest of your garden or outdoor space.

Cons -
Complex Installation
Sunken trampolines are great fun to play and jump on for all the family, but they can be a little trickier to install than your usual above ground trampoline. This is all down to the fact that sunken trampolines need to be installed into a space that is excavated to accommodate the diameter of the trampoline, plus some wiggle room too so you can still gain access to the foundations at any time if needed.
It is also important to leave enough space for adequate drainage underneath, so that air can easily escape when jumping on the trampoline. As sunken trampolines require much more consideration in terms of the installation process, many people choose to use a contractor instead of putting it in the ground themselves, which adds to the overall cost factor.

Not Actually Safer
Despite the fact that sunken trampolines are much closer to the ground, this doesn't actually make them inherently safer than above ground trampolines, although many people still assume they are safer and do not install netting, which is a mistake. And so we always recommend that you purchase an enclosure with your trampoline.
Safety netting is an essential part of all trampoline safety, so you always need to leave enough room to add this around the trampoline when the foundations are dug out.

More Maintenance
Although all trampolines will continue to require a degree of maintenance to make sure they are still in the best (and safest) bouncing condition, sunken trampolines do need that little bit extra TLC.
Always be sure to check that no water is building up in the foundations, which can sometimes occur. When the trampoline is not in use, it is also a good idea to cover any gaps, so that pets or other animals don't dig at the perimeter of the trampoline and it should always be covered with a tarpaulin to protect from bad weather.
But whether you opt for an inground, a regular or even a flatground your kids are sure to have a fantastic experience.