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A Guide to Buying Football Nets & Goal Posts for Kids Online

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Tips to Buying Football Nets for Your Kids

For any budding young footballer having a goal in the garden to practice in is great fun. To be honest, the parents will often get just as much pleasure out of it too.
There are a whole range of nets for kids on the market if you are looking to put a goal up in the back yard, or maybe even two.
Before making a final selection you will need to consider a number of elements including goal type, size, netting and cost.
This may come down to the amount of use you expect the goal to receive, the age of your children or simply the practicalities of your garden space.
However, a fun kick about or a five-a-side game is enhanced by a good quality net.

Goal Type

Most nets designed for garden use are constructed from plastic. These goals are more portable, giving you the option to move them around the garden or store them when not in use.
If you are looking to leave them out all year round then weatherproof uPVC may be the better option.
The thicker the corners on plastic goals the more chance they will maintain their shape for longer as this is where the strength of the unit is held.
Steel aluminium goal posts are another option and if you decide to go down this route the frames with welded corners provide a stronger option compared to those with bracketed corners which can come loose with use over time.
Corrosion can also be an issue with metal goals, but this depends on what material they are constructed from and if they have been coated for protection.


A goal without a net soon loses its appeal, with even the keenest child losing patience with the constant retrieval of the ball. Nets vary in thickness or grade.
While the thicker a net’s grade the more expensive it will tend to be, thicker netting should also last longer.
Premier League goals use nets 5mm thick, but any net between 3mm to 5mm should give you a few good years of quality fun. The squares on a net should be at least 100mm in size to prevent younger kids getting tangled up in them.
The netting will likely be made from a plastic called polypropylene which will help it remain waterproof.


Nets come in a whole range of sizes and styles, allowing you to buy one to suit your garden space.
A child size net from Forza measuring 6’ x 4’ offers a professional look once assembled, although if you have a little extra room you could opt for the larger
Charles Bentley junior portable goal measuring 8’ x 4’.
One of the principle net makers are Samba who use an interlocking system for added strength and stability in their nets.
Alternatively, pop-up goals offer a value way of placing two nets in a garden if you are thinking of having mini matches.
Similar to the lightweight plastic portable nets on the market, such as the ones supplied by Dimples, they are easy to move and set up.