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Why An In Ground Trampoline Is Better For Your Children’s Safety

With the holidays quick approaching and many children schooling from home, the idea of buying a trampoline has crossed the minds of many parents. However, the safety risks and stories from others parents about their children getting hurt have given many people pause. No-one wants to buy something that will put their children at risk or lead to an injury. Most parents don’t know that another option exists, in ground trampolines that are installed directly into your garden and are better for your children in the following ways;

1. Low Risk Of Collapse

Because they are already so low and have lower legs these trampolines are at very low risk of collapse so the issues that often plague trampolines with aluminum legs and no outside supports don’t tend to happen with these trampolines. The netting systems are also less likely to collapse as they too can be anchored into the ground. Without the risk of collapse these trampoline systems are safer for your children and generally will last longer as well. They are also not at risk from being blown away or otherwise damaged by inclement weather, making them perfect no matter where you live.

2. You Can’t Fall Off

If the trampoline is already on the ground, then you can’t fall off and get injured. Each year many children fall off of traditional trampolines and break bones, get serious injuries, and in rare cases even die. The design of in ground trampolines have them flush with the rest of your garden, making them safe for even the smallest of children to get in and out of with ease. This also makes it easier for children to play games on the trampolines without worrying about going off of the sides or crashing into the net and ripping it down.

3. Easier To Secure And Net

If you live in a windy area, you have likely already considered your future purchase going walk-about in the next storm. Being flush to the ground it is much easier to put in extra supports and to ensure that wind will be unable to move your trampoline.



These benefits also extend to putting on nets, which are traditionally very hard to secure as they rely upon the frame of the trampoline or the legs. With an in ground model you can literally secure the net in the ground, making it less reliant on the trampoline frame and ensuring that the net won’t fall or warp. This also helps preserve the longevity of the trampoline itself as there is less pull from the netting on the trampoline itself.

4. Easier Maintenance

When the installation is at eye level you can look it over very quickly and can even replace the entire net without much hassle. The low level of the trampolines makes it easy to replace springs and care for netting. Checking the supports that are flush with the ground is as easy as walking around your garden on a lazy Sunday morning.

5. More Permanent Structure

The more permanent structure of the trampoline when it is sunk in the ground improves the safety of your children both through better supports and by ensuring it is immobile and well protected. Think of it this way, which is more stable? A traditional home or a tent? The home will always win because it is a permanent structure that was built with longevity in mind, the same applies to your trampoline.

If you do decide to enhance your garden with a trampoline, be sure to check out in ground systems to ensure that your children are safe and you have longer between maintenance and repair.